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First Official Meeting of the Societal Council

Today the Societal Council had its first official meeting. There was lots of talk about reformation. The meeting was an overall success. The Societal Council says to expect changes eventually.

Return of the CFO

David P. will be returning soon as the Chief Financial Officer. There will be some reforms of the DFA.

Implementation of Membership Fees

For various reasons, it will now be costing you money to be in the Society. The amount is very low and the money will go to a good cause, so don't worry. You should be receiving a letter about how this will be working. If you have any questions, please post them on the Society Discussion page or moc.liamg|yraterces.evitucexe.sp#liam-e.

New Department

Today a new department was formed, the first of its kind. The Interdepartment of Miscellaneous Activities was formed for conducting activities that didn't really go into other Departments. Two sub-departments were created also today. The Department of Accident Creation and the Department of Secret Retrieval of Materials. Information will later be provided.

DH&M and HealthCare

The creation of the Department of Health & Medicine, along with the creation of HealthCare occurred today. Part of the money earned from Membership Fees will go to the DH&M so that HealthCare can be provided.

New Requirements

Today it was decided by the Societal Council that people must show some sort of skill or obsession when applying for jobs. The Secretariat will be applying this to current members, which could possibly mean layoffs. It is not known right now whether any of the other departments will be doing this also.

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