SN (3/14/08)

It's been awhile since this news was updated, but here is a list of a few things that happened.

Fourth Chief of Security was hired!

After the firing of our last COS, Max R., a new one was shortly found in December. His name is Brian N. He greatly enjoys his new job. He started our in the Society as Secretary of War but found his job not what he was looking for. When the position opened up, he grabbed at it. His approval was unanimous within the Societal Council.

Fourth person removed from Society

The fourth person to be completely removed from the Society was Connor P. The reason has been classified.

New Members

We have many new members:

New Departments

There was 2 departments that were created since October. Both are subdepartments to the Secretariat.

Foreign Policy created

After the possibility came up that people that attend schools other than Westview wanted to join, the need for a foreign policy arose. Jeffrey H., Executive Secretary, wrote it up and it was passed by the Societal Council.

First Ambassador

Our first ambassador was hired, representing Southridge. His name is Sunanth S.

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