Open Positions

Here is a list of open Positions. This list is constantly changing and does not guarantee that the position is actually open. Please moc.liamg|yraterces.evitucexe.sp#tcatnoc the Executive Secretary about applying.

ATTN: New policy mandates that you must show some sort of skill or obsession with the topic. For positions that are not extremely clear on skills needed, such as Vice President or Vice Secretary General, please talk to the President or the Secretary General.

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Questions? moc.liamg|yraterces.evitucexe.sp#!liam-E

List of jobs that once taken are no longer open

Jobs that are always open

*Note:When applying for the position of a Secretarial Minion, please specify which Secretary you would like to work for. If you don't care which one, then don't specify.

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