Members of the PS

List of Members of the Procrastinators Society and their position(s).

Name Position(s) Date Started Department
Gabe A.* President/Commander-in-Chief 10/06 DPA
Sunanth S. General Commander and Ambassador (Southridge) 1/08 DPA/Secretariat
Jacob A. Military Personnel 11/07 DPA
Daniel G. Military Personnel 11/07 DPA
Cameron M. Military Personnel 11/07 DPA
Jeffrey H.* Executive Secretary/Secretary General 10/06 Secretariat
Taylor H. Information Collection Agent 5/08 Secretariat
James G. Secretary of War 10/07 Secretariat
Kimberly I. Secretary of Security 10/07 Secretariat
Jennifer L. Secretary of Education 11/07 Secretariat
Jonathan E. Secretary of Agriculture 10/07 Secretariat
Jillian P. Chief of Photography 11/07 Secretariat
Tanong K. Chief of Origami 11/07 Secretariat
David P. Chief Financial Officer 4/08 DFA
Thomas P. Asst. to the CFO 4/08 DFA
Jordan A. Banker 9/07 DFA
Ashley O. Banker 11/07 DFA
Brian N.* Chief of Security 12/07 DSA
Hari C. Security Guard under Brian N. 11/07 DSA
Raymond K. Security Guard under Brian N. 2/08 DSA
Devin B. Security Captain 9/07 DSA
Max R. Security Guard under Devin B. 11/07 DSA
Ron C. Security Guard under Devin B. 10/07 DSA
Nolan K. Security Guard under Devin B. 2/08 DSA

*Societal Council Members

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