Job Transfers

People that resign from their position to apply for a new position are listed here. If you are looking for someone who completely left the Society, please click here

Name Old Position New Position Term
Sage S. Secretary of Security Secretary of Defense 9/07-10/07
Max R. Chief of Security Security Captain Term ended 11/07
Brian N. Secretary of War Chief of Security 10/07-11/07
Max R. Security Captain Security Guard under Devin B. 11/07-2/08
David P. Chief Financial Officer Secretary of CS&C 2/07-2/08
Hari C. Secretarial Minion to the SOW Security Guard under Brian N. 11/07-11/07
Connor P. ICA Secretarial Minion to the Secretary of Education 2/08-3/08
Thomas P. Asst. to the CFO ICA 9/07-3/08
David P. Secretary of CS&C CFO 2/08-4/08
Thomas P. ICA Asst. to the CFO 3/08-4/08
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