Application Status

Here you can view the status of your applications.

Note: This is applications into the Society, not applications into the website.

Name: Jacob A.
Status of App.: signed (es/sg)

Name: Ashley O.
Status of App.:pending

Status of App.:

^Explanations of statuses:

  • pending: the application is being processed and entered into the database, there are currently no approval signatures or job assignments.
  • job assigned: This means that the applicant has been given a job, but has recieved no approval signatures yet. The job will be listed on this page.
  • signed (p): This means that the president has signed and approved this member and the position he/she is recieving.
  • signed (cfo): This means that the CFO has signed and approved the applicant. This will only appear if you were approved for a position within the Department of Financial Affairs.
  • signed (cos): This means that Chief of Security has signed and approved of the applicant. This will only appear if the applicant received a position within the Department of Security Affairs.
  • signed (es/sg): this means that the Executive Secretary/Secretary General has approved and signed the application. This will only appear until the next day until it will be moved to the Finished Applications page.
  • finished: this will only appear in the Finished Applications page, and means that the application is officially a member of the Society.
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